The Voice inside my head

Imagination and courage is what gets you to write and speak out loud. While I have enjoyed writing for many magazines, newspapers and blogging, most recently I have written less and less. Not because I didn’t want to, but mostly because what I wanted to write had nothing to do with anything in particular. It was not a company subject or matter. They were just thoughts and ideas that came to my mind. As I watched, read, observed. My mind would fire up, I would write an article and then forget it forever. I have created this blog and called it “The voice inside my head” to address what I am really going to talk about in this current blog. I know that there is already a novel out with this title but my blogs from now on will be nothing but a summary of what the voice inside my head is. Enjoy, disagree or agree. They are nothing more than what I have just pointed out.

Acknowledgement: I owe my writing skills and passion to my English teacher Ann Stobart, who always encouraged us to write and be imaginative and Andy Severs who was supportive and encouraged me to push boundaries and believe in myself.