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I was driving fast, I couldn’t stop.  My mind was racing “I have to get to the office, pay the staff, follow up with the clients, finish the new product description” and a million other things, so I started making a mental list of all the things I need to do that day.  I was so busy and behind work that I did not even have the time to change gear. I was driving in the first gear at full speed, I could hear the engine screaming and telling me that it can’t go on like this anymore, but there was no time for such complaints, we had to be strong and push forward at full speed, faster. I pressed on the gas harder, the engine screamed higher, and then …

And then I found myself on the floor, I don’t know how long it had been, but I had collapsed from exhaustion. My mind recovered momentarily for me to realise where I am, however my body simply refused to respond. Couldn’t move my legs, arms, talk.  I lay there for some time in my room resting on the floor.  My secretary kept an eye on me but after a few hours, she decided that she needed to call the ambulance. I tried to stop her, I had work to do, clients to call, contracts to finish but she won, my body could not fight back.  They came and took my corpse away against my wish, my mind aware and my body unable to react.

This may sound alien to you but it affects many of us, even the top successful entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington.  Ms. Huffington who worked like an unstoppable hulk one day woke up to find herself in a blood bath.  Back in 2007 she collapsed from sleep deprivation and falling from exhaustion, breaking her cheekbone.

 We are almost all obsessive, compulsive, insomniacs, workaholics, chronically worked up, worried about life, half depressed and endlessly pushing in all directions to reach our goals of earning more money, be financially independent and then start to enjoy life, but in the meantime, we feel the victim of the circumstances.  We think only when we reach that point or moment in our lives, are we then able to relax and enjoy life.

Many people live in this continual survival mode of thoughts that brings them nothing other than frustration, anxiety, depression. The living in fear of not having enough, losing out, the feeling and the need to compete as it has been instilled in us since childhood.  We are so caught up in the toxic emotions that we can no longer think outside the box and once you are inside the box, inside that hole all you can analyse is all you see, the bottom of the pit. It becomes a vicious circle and you become even more focused on your survival.

When everything feels like a crisis you reach the stage of Paralysis by Analysis.   Your brain makes survival the priority over learning.

The only way out is by breaking the cycle. If there was one lesson I learnt at my last startup is that I can’t control the outside world, I can accept, adapt and move on. Learning to live the moment to enjoy the challenge and not becoming paralised by over analysis is one of the most important ways in which you can ensure to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey.   I managed to break this cycle when I finally came across a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza “Breaking the habit of being yourself”.