I have just finished doing a master class on “7 Steps to creating loyal customers & multiplying revenue” for the Demium entrepreneurs in Greece.  In the past years I have done this presentation

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numerous times and it is one of my favourite masterclasses as it focuses on the most important part of this journey:  “The customer and the customer’s journey”.  

Many entrepreneurs start their business with big ideas and along with it, they start with the big tasks such as protecting their trade name, registering multiple domain names or buying expensive domain names. Signing up with expensive lawyers or accountants.  I certainly made some of these mistakes, but I learnt one important lesson early on; that all the aforementioned is useless if you don’t have a customer and before you concentrate on the above you are better off spending all that time, energy, effort, and money on one thing: YOUR CUSTOMER.

Customer IS key to your success because without it, even if you have the most awesome product on earth, you will have no business at all.  I learnt most of my customer service through experience by applying what I liked from other services or products to my services and products.  As entrepreneurs, we all want to please our customers and do what it takes to make them loyal.  We do many of these steps naturally or just by copying from what we have seen or experienced.

Over the years I made all the above into a strategy.   A 7 step guide that allowed me to sell my last company and that really brought in the reputation and success I have enjoyed over the years.

For the sake of argument, I will assume that you do have the most awesome product on earth, so we can concentrate on your customer.   I want to concentrate on how you look at a customer from the very beginning.

First let’s look at the basics of what you need to do for your customers.

  1. Greet your customer

A customer is not just a name, and email address. A customer is much more than this simple data. Today we are bombarded with personalized email marketing and much more.  I learnt the art of greeting your customer actually from flying with Lufthansa. I know that it is hard to apply some offline matters to online, but I made a point of making sure that I can personally address my clients, at least one phone call, one personalized email, to let them know that this is not mass marketing and that they matter to me personally. All you have to do is work out what it takes to make this personal touch to greet and work out a way to make it scalable.  

  1. Please a customer!

In order to please a customer, you must get to know them.  Apart from the basic set of data like date of birth, nationality, gender, etc., knowing your customer’s personal preferences in relation to your business is what can make the difference for that customer’s experience and what will connect you together. Simple things like a birthday gift voucher to spend with your business or other information that you believe is relevant or important to your customer. Remember that different dates are important to different nationalities. In my opinion, the first step to pleasing a customer is getting to know them and treating them with respect and not just someone who is in need of your services.

  1. Wow the customer

If you know your customer, then you can wow the customer. Customers don’t expect you to memorize what they like to eat, do, see, etc.  However, if you have built your client profile with details, it is easy to add a wow factor.  Regardless of your business, you can always note little details about your customers; their favourite chocolate, author, drink, sports team. Surprise them with a little detail and you will be amazed, while they will be wowed.

4 Make your customers loyal

Deliver what you have offered, within the agreed price and time structure. That’s pretty much what most customers want. A detailed offer ensures that the client understands all the steps, procedures, terms, and conditions. A detailed offer that has been signed with the terms and conditions attached, also ensures that there will be no misunderstanding in the future (or at least a little if any). A detailed offer ensures that you and the customer understand what the job is and that when the job is finished, you have a customer who will be loyal to you, for you have delivered exactly what was requested.

  1. Knock your customer’s socks off

We often forget how important that finishing touch is. If you go to a Hotel, and they throw in a bottle of champagne with some chocolates, or if you get a lawyer to complete your property purchase but they also take care of the transfer of utility bills or when you have your car repaired and they will wash it inside and out. It is these finishing touches that impress me and certainly impress my clients especially when it is not expected. That extra touch doesn’t really cost much, but it means a whole lot more to those customers. You can always cash in for more. I would rather have ten more customers because of recommendation than cashing in 5% little extra from a tiny add-on job.

Most of you as entrepreneurs please and wow your customers naturally without having thought about it in any particular order and you all genuinely want to make sure your customers stay loyal and you will do anything to knock their socks off.  The trick however is how do you make this process repeatable and can you do more for your customers and what do you have to do to set yourself apart from your competition?

However, there are two more steps.  If you’ve read so far, then take the leap. Book a session with me two find out what the next two steps are that can set you apart from your competition. I do master classes for Incubators, Accelerators and in-house implementation for promising start-ups looking to up their revenue and improve their customer experience.