Ali Parandeh is a serial entrepreneur. Over the past 25 years he has launched and sold several companies in different countries. Ali sold his last company in 2018 and since then he has been working as mentor and startup advisor in various incubators and accelerators in Europe, Asia and The Middle East.

What makes Ali's approach and mentoring unique is his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and understanding of the growing pains of startups; tackling everyday problems such as cash flow, lack of funds, customer aquisition, and growing a company from a one man band to a multi disciplinary team. Additionally Ali's expertise in Public Speaking allows him to help entpreneurs and startups prepare and present a pitch that would attractive and close funding rounds.

Ali has written 5 books and is currently writing his 6th book "Passion & Vision: The Ingredients for a successful Stattup". He is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial events and active in the startup ecosystems.