Sometime ago, I read a post by Maria Franzoni titled “Are you really a keynote speaker?”

The problem as she described are the numerous people (speakers) whom on their websites claim to be keynote speakers and when you read the content, you know that many of these speakers have no idea what a “keynote” speech is.

Maria who is an experienced speaker booker and has held senior positions with 2 of Europe’s leading Speakers bureaus divides keynote speeches into two: An opening keynote and a closing keynote. Quoting from Maria

The opening keynote sets the main underlying theme for the event. It prepares the audience for what’s about to come and gets people seated on time. A great opening keynote sets expectations and gets the audience in the right mindset for what’s going to be happening for the rest of the event.

The closing keynote on the other hand has one of two objectives for the event organiser. The first is to keep the attendees at the conference until the very end. That may mean a special guest or something that lightens the mood prior to a final dinner or party.

The second objective is to summarise the event and inspire the audience to take next steps. If this is the case you may be expected to attend most of the event so that you can refer to the previous sessions and bring it all together in one motivating summary.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in the world of IT and I continue to work in this field/sector. I have done both opening and closing keynote speeches. My keynote speech “Passion & Vision: Ingredients of a successful startup” Is generally set to inspire entrepreneurs and startup founders, preparing them with the right mindset and getting them started on their journey. This is will be a unique journey for each entrepreneur. They are trying and testing something new. There are rights or wrongs, there are no manuals. There will be lots of ups and downs, there will be many moments of darkness but there is always light at the end of tunnel.

It is all about having the passion to continue and remembering your vision, your destination in sharp focus that will eventually help entrepreneurs navigate the maze and come out triumphant.

If you are looking for someone for your school graduation, startup event, be it a weekend or a new cohort batch in your accelerator / incubator, regardless of whether it is an opening or a closing session, then book a free exploratory call with me. I can adapt the speech to your objectives and required timing.