You will have noticed that my last blog post was just over a month ago. It was exactly on the 16th of May.  Now normally my priority would have been my blog posts every morniconsistency VS priorityng.  I have been consistent in that I wrote one blog every day and I recommended one book every Sunday.  However, my workload increased the date for the first TEDx Marbella came close.  (Note: 1st TEDx Marbella organized by us.  The first event was organized in 2013 by a different group.)

At this point I found myself having to dedicate my morning time to just a short 2-minute centering (meditation) and then getting on with TEDx organization and mixing it with my own personal work.  If I hadn’t done that then I would not have been able to keep up with my work.

I would every now and then dedicate 30 minute time to reading and I would be excited at times thinking I could share the information with you, but then I knew that if I wanted to get my work done, I had to prioritize.  That meant doing the organization and my work first and towards the end of the afternoon I would be aware that I had not even started writing anything and to be honest, by that time I had lost the motivation, and fever about the topic I had read.

This is how I broke a year-long tradition of almost one blog per day. There is a part of me that thinks I should have carried on and that I have failed but the reality is, I achieved.  TEDx Marbella was a success and everyone raved about it.

Sometimes we have to prioritize things differently. What was important yesterday, may not be as important today and you can always return.  The important thing is knowing how to prioritize and that it is OK.

This is equally a short post.  I won’t beat myself up about it. The value is in sharing this little piece of advice so you also don’t feel guilty when you have to change priorities.

Enjoy life 🙂