Some of the best ideas come from applying learnt skills and tools from one discipline to another.  In my case, I have been in software development (programming) & startups for most of my life.

In the course of my working life, I have had to use numerous tools for productivity and achieving my objectives.  Some of these tools/concepts which have now been turned into software that you can use come from the offline physical world.  What’s more, it is worth noting that these tools were not created for software development.   Yet today, these tools are a vital part of the startup world and software development.

In 2018 after I sold one of my companies, I started dedicating more of my time to helping other entrepreneurs, writing and speaking about entrepreneurship, startups, and everything else that goes with this world.  My objective was simply to inspire entrepreneurs and startup founders to achieve their dreams. This is where achieving any objective requires commitment and organization.  In order to achieve this objective, I started using several of the tools I learnt from the world of Startups and Software developement.

In my upcoming speech in the most anticipated Virtual Summit of 2022, I will teach you how to use and apply the following tools to your speaking career.

  1. KanBan.  Project Management Tool, for organizing your thoughts, blogs and ideas
  2. Canvas Business Plan. Modified to Speakers Canvas.  How to plan your speech
  3. Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle – Mindset Tools

Are you ready to spread your wings in 2023?    If so, you better start preparing yourself now.  Join me with dozens of other amazing speakers in the Virtual Speakers Association International (VSAI) Virtual Summit 2022, where you will hear not one, not two, but learn from 12 amazing speakers!

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line up:

Elias Kanaris – Resilience and Leadership Keynoter
9.10am – 9.45am CEST
Learning to Lead From The Stop

Renée Hasseldine
9.45am – 10.20am CEST
Spread Your Wings
Using Visual Models

Filipo Levi
10.20am – 10.55am CEST
TAUTUA Servant Warrior

Ali Parandeh Zandpour
10.55am – 11.30am CEST
The Entrepreneurial Toolsets for Speakers

Jennifer Lancaster
11.40am – 12.15pm CEST
Publishing a Book to Enhance ‘Brand You’

Strategies for Speakers To Spread Their Wings & Go Beyond!

Michelle Raymond

Vinay Pushpakaran (he/him)

Dannella Burnett

Samantha Leith

Paul ter Wal LLM CSP

Natasha Quariab
12.50pm – 1.25pm CEST
How To Get Over Sh*t Fast When It Happens & Manipulate Reality To Your Advantage

Jessica Breitenfeld
speed connecting with humor and humaness

Feruz Akbarov
1.50pm – 2.15pm CEST
Vlogging for Better Education

Christine Morlet, CSP Speech Coach and energetic healer
2.15pm – 2.50pm CEST
How To Energize Yourself To Spread Your Wings And Thrive

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