I know, it is not hardcore science, in fact, I can hardly prove it. Everything that I claim could be marked off as coincidental and my whole claim to many people is put down as superstitious. But let me tell you why it is misunderstood by some and how you can harness that power.

Roughly about 20 years ago when I first started my IT business, I visited a wealthy client. He led me from the front door through a beautiful living room with high ceilings and finally to a study room at the back of the house. This was his office. He worked from home, traveled the world, and spoke at top events. I thought to myself this is what I want to be doing. That’s how I want to live. A private office at home and travel the world.

I kept that vision alive. I used to draw and doodle how my office would look like, the sofa, the wood and stone wall. The windows with mountain views, and me, sitting and reading my newspaper or books. What else could I wish for?

I held that #vision and I kept it alive and I worked towards it and four years ago, I had just that opportunity. The power of visualization is not that you sit there all day long, waiting for it to happen, rather it is you keeping the vision solid in your mind so you can work towards to goal without losing sight or getting distracted.

Financially I am nowhere as wealthy as the gentleman I met years ago, but that was not the #vision I was holding in my mind. Today I spend most of my working time in my home office, speaking to clients, reading, writing; enjoying what I have achieved so far, and creating new visions for my future.

We are all equally as capable. You can all achieve far and beyond what you believe. We sometimes set the bar too low but don’t forget that you can always up it. #dreambig hold that #vision and work towards your goals.

In my upcoming #Passion and #Vision, I will tell you more about the art of visualization and keeping your vision.