I have written this article in view of what is happening in the Middle East, Palestine, and the world in general. I hope that this will help us rethink before we start supporting war over peace, answering violence with more violence, and killing innocent children in the process.

  • We are separating & it is Official
  • We hate each other’s guts
  • We can’t agree on anything
  • We don’t care about the children
    • They shall just have to suffer, because we as MATURE ADULTS must fight
  • And you have to choose. There is no such thing as in between
    • You can either be on my side or hers.

Divorce is never easy and it is inevitable. In the process couples who were seemingly living peacefully together start to argue, disagree, separate, and finally fight.

We have come to live in a raucous, irreverent and very divided worlds.

we think “If only the other part was rational”, we might have listened to each others arguement and opposing views, but that’s not the case. Everytime we argue about something, our brain floods with chemical signals that makes it hard for us to focus on the issue at hand. The signal is “Someone is attacking you”, we change gear into Defense mode for a short while and before they have had the chance to finish, we have changed gear into “Attack”. Flight or Fight?  We can’t be seen as flying, against the evil, we must stand our ground and we must FIGHT.

And now we fight.

We fight, without thinking about the children.

We fight, because we can no longer stand each other,

We fight, because we think we are right and the otherside is wrong.

We fight, because we don’t want to be seen as cowards.

We fight, because one side MUST win.

AND you my friend,

You must take sides > It is either her side or mine.
You can’t just stand there and watch > You share her views or mine
You must also join the FIGHT > One side MUST win & the other LOSE

Our children will pay the price, but who cares, because we as MATURE ADULTS must fight

We are now separating and that is official.

We are NOT separating as a couple, we are separating as people.

We are separating as Good and Bad
We are separating as Iranians and Iraqis
We are separating as East and the West
We are separating as Jews and Muslims
We are separting as You and I

And in the process, our children will suffer and pay the price, because we as MATURE ADULTS must fight

I think you get the message.

It is not about her and I.
It is not about you and I.
It is about US & THEM.

The Good and The Bad.

BUT MY QUESTION is: Must we take part in this conflict?

Research shows that Social Media inherently relies on you taking part. They thrive on pushing bad news to the top. Angry posts are given boosts, gain attention and engagement. They are promoted further and we don’t care if it is FaKebook or not. Yes I have replaced the C with a K on purpose, because the fact is a coin has two sides.

Social Media platforms tend to show us things that we agree with.
We agree, show our outrage and share.
We live in our own bubbles, just like the otherside.
We will never see the other side of the arguement, because Social Media simply will remove that pain.
One click on “don’t show me posts like this”, that’s all it takes.

It saddens me to see the confict in the world.
It saddens me to see that we can no longer agree.
It saddens me to read of attrocities committed by both sides.
It saddens me to read that we are encouraged, by Friends, News & Politicians; to take sides
It saddens me to see that we are separating.

In my previous articles posted on Medium, I wrote about “The best Strategy At times of War”  Taking a step back is vital at this moment. Attack only adds to the fire, tension and divide and separation between us.

As Barack Obama wrote in his post “Perhaps most of all, it means we should choose not to always assume the worst in those with whom we disagree.” https://medium.com/@barackobama/my-statement-on-israel-and-gaza-a6c397f09a30

If you disagree,

I am willing to listen
I don’t need to fight or fly
I have nothing to lose
I don’t want to separate
I don’t want our children to suffer.

And I ask you my friend, must we fight?