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Startup founders and entrepreneurs are in many instances shy and do not like public appearances or even those who are not afraid of public speaking and presentation seldom are aware of the techniques and the knowledge of what makes a good a good pitch.

I equally was one of you, as founders we are in love with our products and mostly when we pitch to investors the story we tell is very different to what investors want to here. Furthermore many of us are unaware of our body language, time and the image we portray.

However when it comes to raising funds, even the best teams, products and ideas have failed, simply because of the pitch, while others with a more convincing pitch have gone to raise millions even if years later you find that the startup has turn upside down on its belly.

Over the past five years I have devised an intensive course, that helps you master a winning pitch and learn the tricks of becoming a good speaker in just two days.

In my courses we will cover the following aspects of a speech:


Why is time important, how to time yourself and how to make sure you deliver within the specified time.


The best speeches are a story. A story that absorbs the audience, draws them in, makes them feel part of the story, wanting to know more & why.


The clarity and volume of your voice. Reviewing voice projection along with changing the tones, speaking with feeling and from your heart.


How to use notes, boards and visual aids to help you during your speech and also adding value to the message.


Your body talks. Most people make up their mind about a person within just a few seconds or less. Understanding body language, eye contact and feeling confident on stage.

To end the above we will reconstruct two speaches:

The Elevator Pitch. All you have is 30 seconds is to catch someone’s attention. Are you able to get your message across in the time it takes to get in and out of an elevator with a top CEO.

A full 5 to 7 minute speech, consisting of picking one message for your startup. Deliver with passion, starting with an introduction that will make them want to listen, a story line that will keep their attention and a conclusion to make them want to invest.

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