My dearest Emilio,

Nearly 10 years ago I wrote a letter to you on behalf of Father Christmas. Today you are 18.  It feels like yesterday when I first picked you up on my shoulder and carried you like a “saco de patatas” up the stairs as we played.  I gave you my all and I did what I thought was best for you, just like my parents did for me.

In trying to do my best, we played, travelled, did home work together and read many books, amongst which I most enjoyed Mr Stilton where we got to see how fun reading can be.   In trying to help you become a respectful and responsible man, on some occasions I have also shouted at you, possibly belittled you, I tried different strategies and in the process I even most possibly hurt your feelings in more than one way.

Forgive me if I have hurt you, for it has been through an act of duty, responsibility and wanting the best for you. I understand what is best for me is not the best for you and I read book after book in order to find the right method to deal with the many situations that we encountered as a family.  I tried. I tried my best and I tried more. That’s all I can say. And I know that in trying, just as much as my father has hurt me unintentionally in many ways, I have hurt you.  However I know that my father has nothing other than love for his children and I have given you nothing other than my love even if I have ended up hearting you at times. I believe time is a healer and I hope in time you will come to forgive me for all I hurt you. 

In my life I have had many parents, from France to Spain to UK, I lived with surrogate parents whose teachings at the time did not seem the best but only now do I appreciate and feel ashamed of how I reacted towards their unconditional love.

Today, I would like to share with you one secret, and it is not even a secret but a fact. A fact that my father practiced and was unable to share with me.  My father came from a poor family.  At the age of 10 he had to start helping his father with cleaning offices, At 16 he went on to get a job as a fridge repairman and at 18 he was in charge of the production line.  By the time he was 21 he was the manager for the Service unit of General Steel which was the first fridge manufacturer in Iran.

6 years later, when he was just 27 he was offered a 5% share as a bonus to setup and run the Hitachi TV manufacturing unit in Iran.  Finally at the age of 30 just about the same time that my sister was born he thanked all of those who helped him along in his path, left his highly paid job and decided to setup on his own and follow his own dream. 

His key to success was “Have no fear”, “Love yourself” and “Respect everything and everyone along your path for you never know when your paths will cross again”.

As kids, we were spoiled, but we were taught discipline, respect and love. As your step father, I tried to teach you the three most important things I had learnt as a child. Respect, Discipline and Love.

His success was a combination of  SELF LOVE, DISCIPLINE, NO FEAR and STAYING TRUE TO HIS HEART. All you need to do to be successful is LOVE YOURSELF, HAVE NO FEAR and BE TRUE TO YOUR HEART.  

And allow me to just clarify one word.  SUCCESS.   Success is not acquiring wealth, wealth is a by-product that comes from your relentless efforts of following your heart.  Don’t make money your primary objective; rather make your heart your primary objective. Don’t follow money and let money follow you.  When you follow your heart, there is no resistance, there is no time, there is no tomorrow. All there is, is NOW.   And what is another word for NOW:  “THE PRESENT”.   The Present is “The gift” of your day and every morning life provides you with that beautiful gift, the present.

Today, you have the time to follow your heart, fly high and achieve all your dreams.  I admire your fearlessness and by all means your acting as if you have it all. It is part of the secret of success.  Act as if you have it all and then you will feel needless.  Play without fear and dream beyond Bitcoin, the moon and the Mars for Bitcoin is other people’s dream and your future is beyond the dreams of those who dreamt yesterday.

And while you are dreaming remember that this is your dream, remember that this is your book and your life.  Do not get distracted by the life and dream of other people for that is not your path.  Your dream will come from the bottom of your heart and when you know what it is, there won’t be a mountain high enough that you won’t be able to move and cross.

Most people find me crazy for they call Urbytus a dead rat, yet Urbytus is what feeds us, Urbytus is what feeds my soul and gives me energy to create, invent, program and speak.  Urbytus has been my journey through which I have become a mentor and advisors to those starting their dreams today. The journey has had its ups and downs. Like a roller coaster, the ups sometimes take time and the ride down, is exciting, exhilarating and sometimes short lived. 

If I had to look back on my 50 years (of which 40 I can remember), I would say all I have ever wished for, the universe has delivered.  Material and immaterial and above all you, mami and Claudia.

The secret is simple: Be true to your heart, dream and visualize what you want and then find the first step towards that goal. And then repeat.  Just remember, never to give up hope or faith along your path.  It is your journey on this planet, it is your life in heaven and “The present” is your gift, today, tomorrow and forever.

Enjoy your life and aim for the highest for I have no doubt in how far you can fly.

With much love