Work hard, Play hard. Do you agree with this?

Is this the right way to work? Is there a better way? What is your working routine, your work/life balance?

There are many theories on how we should work, when and how to take a break, and what is important in life. We all have different opinions, priorities, and habits.

This is a typical Wednesday in my life.

Usually, I wake up around 5:00 am. Some stretching exercises, shower, followed by 1 to 2 hours of reading time. This is my ME time, my meditation time. Only after this, do I get up to go for a walk and/or start writing a blog.

Once the blog post is done, I then make a list of all the things I need to get done that day, I respond to emails, and based on the priority I have given those jobs I start ticking them off.   This is the morning until around 12:00pm.  The rest of the day I generally spend it out with clients and for meetings. Last Wednesday, as usual I had back-to-back meetings, with maybe just 5-minute breaks between each meeting.

2-4 pm My first meeting was with Amine Berraoui We had lunch together. We spoke about our upcoming TEDx event, we worked on the new Startup fund we are raising and some other startup fundraising that we are working on together.

5-6 pm Next a meeting with Anastasia Castravet. Talking about her work, studies, future, and inspirations.

6-7 pm Meeting with Laura Brunereau talking about the recent course she has finished at TED and also the subject of her passion and current work “Happiness”.

7-8 pm Meeting with Kirsten de Bouter Shillam BSc(Hons) PCC and Amine Berraoui again. Welcoming Kirsten as part of the organizing team for TEDx Marbella and talking about its organization etc.

8-9:45 pm Toastmasters Marbella. Excellent session with Karl Hiramoto as our toastmaster of the evening, with the theme “The Turning Point”, 3 sensational speeches, Table Topics, evaluations, and …

9:45 to 12:00 Drinks at Small World Cafe with TM friends. Hicham El Hafed Helen Johnson Percy Roland Manuela Lanza and ….

I will save you from the morning work I did, but none of it felt like work. I enjoyed every minute of it. From the morning to when I arrived back home, it was fun, interesting, and energizing.

But the big question. Did I always work like this?

NO. There was a “TURNING POINT”.

Back in 2013/4, I was working crazy hours none stop, never stopping, not even for lunch, until one day I collapsed. My body stopped. I was stressed, and anxious and all I was doing was chasing money. That was my “TURNING POINT”.

Back then I decided, this is not worth it. Something had to change and that change had to come from within. I had always enjoyed my work, but I never took my foot off the accelerator. That was when I decided that my body and my soul will determine from now on what I do and not. If I can do it and if I enjoy doing it, it is a YES, if I am tired or if I don’t enjoy it, then it is a clear NO.

Hard to say and hard to put into practice when you have bills to pay. I do as well, but there is a choice, and I have taken that choice ME FIRST.