On one of my free zoom calls one of the entrepreneurs said “You know, what I really need is a real investor”.   Hmm, I was intrigued? what is a “real investor” and how should I go about finding one?

So after she presented me with her 15 minute pitch and wonderful idea, I had the opportunity to ask.  My first and real question was “What do you mean by a real investor? Is that to differentiate between fake investors or people who pose as investors?”

She: “Well, a real investor is one who has money and invests”.

OK, now I am really confused.

Me: “Do you mean that the investors you have met so far have had no money?  Or could it be that they did not understand your project or simply didn’t see a return on their investment?”

She: “Well, they were all wealthy but none of them could really see how big this project could be and how good it was and they weren’t willing to wait for 5 to 10 years. To be honest I don’t think they were real investors.”

Me: “OK. Well let me think whom I can find and speak to in my network who is a REAL investor.”

That was the end of our conversation. I am sad to report that I never managed to find a REAL investor for her.   I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their pitch deck, business plan, strategy, and also pitching to investors and on the odd occasion, I come across the person who is interested in meeting this imaginary real investor.

Unfortuntaely, what she could not see was the real investor sitting in front of her again and again, they listenend to her, they analysed her project and she failed to respond their simple questions.

Do you speak the investors language?  Are you answering their questions?  Or are you simply interested in them giving you their hard earned cash without you even answering their simplest of questions.

I have helped many startups and entrepreneurs answer those simple questions and learn how to speak the investors language.  It is much simpler than you think.

If you have been speaking to investors and have failed to arouse their interest Book a quick free 30 minute call with me on calendly.  Let’s have a quick chat and see how I can help you.

Otherwise if you know it all, good luck 🙂