The Freemium pricing of these companies in my opinion is very effective. They keep a client until they are able to pay and they never lose a client when the client cannot pay for a period or for life. That client is their ambassador, that client is the one who will recommend them to his friends and colleagues and everyone because that’s the only tool he knows amongst the competitors that has allowed him/her to achieve their goals.

I know that Freemium does not work for all software models, however, it is a model that fits with many and in today’s world even more necessary.

Personally I think a 10 day trial and hiding info strategy is wrong. You have all these ambassadors working freely for you, recommending you, reducing your CAC. If only you took the time to appreciate the power of word of mouth advertising and your long term goals, If only you could see that clients loyalty is much higher when they have received something great for free and if only you could see that you can kill your competitors by pulling more users to you, even those who need a little longer to be convinced of how good you are or those who simply cannot afford it at the time they are searching for a service.