Over the past few weeks, I have been wondering mostly about one thing and that is how we would like things to happen by a miracle.  I say we, because we all to some extent would like it that money comes to us effortlessly and that work and life challenges disappear miraculously.   I don’t doubt that if for one second there was such a thing as a magic wand that you would hesitate to use it.  Unfortunately and for as far as I am aware it does not exist, yet there seems to be a huge misconception about those who have a vision and mission in life and believe that the magic wand exists in the vision.

By setting your vision and holding this vision one defines where they want to go and be in life and as much as I believe in the universal force and the laws of attraction, spirituality etc, I don’t think that anyone has yet managed to win the lottery without buying a ticket.  Does this make sense?  If your vision is to win the lottery, you need to start buying the lottery ticket and not just one, but lots of them and not just lots of them you need to also start looking at the statistical patterns, etc. 

There was a company in the US that started employing mathematicians to work out the odds.  They would work day in, day out crunching numbers from the past and buying hundreds if not thousands of tickets.  Their effort paid off, they won and they won with a good multiple return on investment on time until such times that the activity was found illegal and the project was shut down.

 Of course you there are those who just buy the one lottery ticket here and there, occasionally or even once a day.  Their chances of winning the lottery is as low as the startup with a similar attitude making it to the top.

Having a vision for startups is great and while you may totally be convinced of the laws of attraction, the universe, and spirituality, there is one other factor that will determine the cause and the case for your success; The Effort.  Simply put without putting in the right amount of effort you will not see any miracles.  

In short, if you are an entrepreneur, remember to set high goals, if I had the chance to roll back I would have set my goals 10000000X or higher.  The sky is your limit and your effort & your attitude will be your vehicle and petrol that will get you there or not.