This post is in the series of how to create an awesome pitchdeck for your startup.  This post is part 1 of 5 in which I explain about the importance of the character. 

Ask yourself this following question: “What is the most important element in a movie or a book?” ……   Answer “THE ACTOR(s), THE CHARACTER(s)”.    The whole movie and the book is about their journey, what they do, what happens to them, who they are, how they are what they love, where they go, who they makes friend with, who they help and what they live for.

In your case This ACTOR or CHARACTER is you, THE FOUNDER.  This pitch, this company, this idea begins with you.  It is about how you came to discover this problem. It is about the journey that has brought you to face and experience this problem.  It can go back generations into how it has affected you, your parents and grandparents, or it could be just generational and how it is affecting you and the likes of you.

The character is the HERO in this story who is passionate, strong and knowledgeable.  Sometimes single handedly but often using a team of people will lead them to fight the evil.

Ask anyone and they will confirm that VCs will invest in TEAMs and FOUNDERS and not just great ideas.  My last investor said to me on the final day of our agreement: “I am not sure where the project will go, it is a great and exciting project but I, MORE THAN ANYTHING, I TRUST YOU AND WHEREVER YOU LEAD THIS SHIP.”

Often I hear entrepreneurs finish their pitch only for the floor to start asking questions that clearly indicate THE HERO was nowhere to be found in the story.

If you are preparing a pitch you have been offered a structure that is there to guide you of the questions you need to answer.  Unfortunately, when it comes to creating the pitch we answer these questions page by page, keeping to that rigid structure.  The result is a limp, cold and heartless story.  Take the pitch deck and answer the questions and then write it into the story that brought you to where you are now. At all times ask yourself “What questions will I be asked?” and then try to answer those questions.

In your pitch deck, you need to make the hero (YOU) shine.  You don’t need to become The Incredible Hulk or Superman.  You don’t even need to be Mark Zuperberg.  You simply need to be YOU and you need to answer the following questions:

Why you? What expertise (qualifications) and experience do you have that will help you achieve your objectives in this journey?  What type of a leader are you? What have you achieved so far in your life? What do you strive for? What mark do you want to leave in this world? What is your goal in life? What are you willing to sacrifice? What is your mission and vision?   These are all the questions that come to my mind but certainly not the only ones you need to answer.  Can you think of more? Surely you can.

Brighten up your pitch by making THE HERO shine in your pitch.  Be honest, be humble and be ambitious.  In many stories, the heroes started from zero, they were no one, they were peasants but they had the vision and courage to fight and kill the dragon. NO MORE. The HERO shines in its most simplest, naked and honest form but shine he does.

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