Last weekend I attended the 40th anniversary of the school where I finished my A levels.

One thing was evident as some of the ex-students took to the stage, it was the showering thanks and gratitude extended towards some of their teachers

What is it that comes to your mind when you think of a mentor?

Maybe for some of you, the first thing is a startup mentor but what about the many other people who have influenced you throughout your life?  For many, I can say there have been a handful of people whom I can name, remember and cherish their memories and words of wisdom every day.  Every time I face a problem, I ask myself how did they deal with it, what would have their advice been and what did they do when they were in my position.

To me all my mentors had one thing in common.  They all empowered me.  They all encouraged me and they all helped me achieve my objectives and my goals.

Today I find myself mentoring, mentoring startup founders, and intern students, and giving speeches.   On one side it is a pleasure to share my knowledge and experience, and on the other, it is a pleasure to see that some of those whom I have mentored and have been my students or interns have gone to achieve amazing results.

As I have entered a new era in my life where I find myself mentoring startup founders, I am constantly having to think back on the lessons learnt from my mentors. How they dealt with the very many situations.  Their answers to my doubts and questions.   Including their response to my reactions and what sometimes I think were foolish and childish actions.

This week I will write and speak about the mentors I had in my life and the qualities which made them amazing mentors.