In the last blog posts I have written about The Power of Failure. In this post I hope to make it clear why everything I have explained is simply powerful indicators that you need to learn to receive and interpret.

Even if you don’t drive you are familiar with the above image. The warning indicators on a car’s dashboard. And we all know that every time we start the car they all light up and one by one most of them switch off.

Most of these indicators are negative or warning indicators. They light up so that you know where they are and you can see that they are working and then they switch off automatically.

Your body works very much the same way. It fires up a million indicators and warning signs and you have learnt to receive, interpret, switch off or act upon them. Here are a few simple examples, when you suddenly hear a dog bark or when a wasp comes near you. When you need to finish off a specific work with a deadline, when you are thirsty or hungry, when you have a headache, or simply when you are tired.

All the above are examples of indicators your body has in order to ensure that you as the driver respond so that it can carry on functioning at optimal performance just like a car.

The attitude we need to adopt in understanding the warning signals in failure is no different. Dealing with Failure, Aggression, Insecurity, Loneliness, Uncertainty, Resentment, and Emptiness. All of these are like indicators in a car. All we have to do is learn to read the signal understand them and adjust our course of action.

Yes, it is that simple. It is simple because all these feelings, behaviours, and emotions were created to protect us. However sometimes what happens is that we fail to understand the signal. Rather than concentrating on the road ahead and often because we don’t know what to do, we become paralysed by the warning sign, we start staring at it and WHAM we drive right into a brick wall or fall off the cliff.

I am sure the above has happened to many drivers. They go into a state of panic. Fear takes over, and unable to make a decision, they concentrate on looking at the warning light and lose sight of the road ahead.

Life is no different. You are the driver and our body is so divine and well designed that it has millions of built-in internal signals in order to help protect us. That’s all but unfortunately, they do not teach us how to read and interpret these signals in school or university.

In almost all cases we slip into our bodies without really getting a driving license for it and we make up our own interpretation of those signals and it is not until years later that we read in some meditation, personal growth, or spirituality book about the real meaning of those signals and how to interpret them. By then many of us have crashed our biological vehicles numerous times and so many have driven completely off the cliff.

In The Power of Failure, I have described 7 warning signals that if you learn to read the signals, can act as a booster in life. All you need to do is understand what the solution for each signal is, apply it and then put your foot back on the accelerator, Focus on your vision, and enjoy the ride.

Do you want a workshop or a speech on this topic? This is the first lesson and workshop all entrepreneurs need to go through. Getting a driving license for riding life and using their biological vehicle? This should be the first part of a course any incubator or accelerator should offer to their entrepreneurs. Do you want to explore this workshop with me?