Fear! I think it is only a natural instinct. Leaving the comfort zone for the unknown leaves us so often paralysed and unable to move…..

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend most day mentoring different entrepreneurs. It is what I enjoy doing and above all, I get paid for what I love to do.

But if I had to let fear control my passion, I would have stopped when I realised that mentors don’t get paid or the pay offer is roughly a tenth of what I used to earn previously. Economically it didn’t make sense to embark on such a journey. Yet, three years ago while sitting down with my life coach Nami Haghighi I made the decision that I wanted to be Europe’s number one mentor. That was in Nov/Dec 2018.

I imagined and planned on travelling around Europe and working with different Incubators, Accelerators, lecturing, giving master classes, and one-to-one mentoring.

March 2019 as we all know was the end of travelling physically, but it was the beginning of travelling virtually. As early as April 2019 I found myself mentoring startups around Spain and by the end of 2021 I was doing approximately 2 to 3 mentoring sessions per week around Europe.

Today, I have a steady flow of work from mentoring some of which I have to turn away, some paid and some free. Some have even become investment opportunities. I enjoy them all. The sum is still below my expected earnings and previous income but it is above the rate of when I started in 2019 and I have a vision of making it work even if this business model is limited by my time. It is all a matter of having a vision, making a plan and letting go of the fear of the journey to that next step.

Are you ready to start your next journey? #startup & #entrepreneurs . There are two ingredients #passion and #vision that will take you through any journey. Let go of your #fears and enjoy the journey.