Between 2019 and 2020 I presented several Public Speaking courses for the Girls In Tech Gibraltar.  They went extremely well and the event inspired many people to start their journey as authors and speakers.  Above all it started a grass root movement that although hamperred by the Covid 19 restrictions it carried on.  The interest kept bioling and bubling, travel restrictions got more relaxed and before I had time to plan the third session, Gibraltar was on its way to create its first Toastmasters Club.  Remi Aiyela a longtime toastmasters member from the UK had initiated the process of starting a club and soon with the help of The Marbella Achievers Club and other members from Toasmasters International they prepared for the Demo day.     

So it is with pleasure to invite all those who attended my Public Speaking course and anyone who is interested in improving their public speaking skills to join us on the 7th of March at 7pm for the first Demo session of Gibraltar Speakers Toastmastes Club.  All those interested should register here

And for those who are still interested in advancing more, I am planning on doing an Advanced Course in the coming months.  The course will be aimed at helping you remember your speech, how to inspire your audience and learning to speak from heart.  The best speeches are those that come from your heart and many motivational speakers are not great public speakers and have not attended any public speaking courses.  Imagine how much more powerful their speech would be if they could add that touch and imagine how many hearts you could win, if you learn to speak from heart.

If you are interested in learning more about this session contact me and I will keep you informed or can organize private sessions.  However in the meantime, REGISTER FOR THE DEMO DAY in Gibraltar 🙂