Last but not least.  You have done everything to create a powerful pitchdeck so far and now you need to finish it off and say the final words.

Think of the ending of a movie or a book.  Think of how it makes you feel as you read the last few words or watch the last few seconds.  Good books and good movies leave you with a feeling.  It could be feeling of sadness, joy, inspiration but they leave you with a feeling and the better the ending the greater the feeling. You need to do the same, you want The Hero to carry on his journey and you want to see him/her repeat his/her triumph.  This is why there are sequels to some very good books/movies.

I know you are saying what has a pitch got to do with a movie or a book, you won’t be making a sequel.  Correct.  I only make the reference to bring your attention to the way how the ending makes you feel.  Think of that and now let’s apply that to your pitch, afterall what we are doing is turning your lifeless pitchdeck into a powerful story and one that will have a great ending. An ending that’s only the beginning.

So often I see pitchdecks and startup pitch presentations end with a limp “Thank You or The End”.  That’s a total Killer; THE END. If that’s the end then why am I listening to you.

End the Pitchdeck that will only be the beginning.  This is one way how you can create that feeling.  Yes, it is that simple, if you are telling a story of your journey, you will be telling me and us (the audience) about who you are, why you started this journey, what you have achieved so far, how we can help you and WITH OUR HELP WHAT YOU INTEND TO ACHIEVE.

Yes, investors want to get a return on their investments and there are many ways to get a return on their investments but not all of them excite everyone.  We as human beings are collaborative animals and our instinct is to want to help others achieve their dreams, Good things and Objectives that help humanity at large.

Your story must end with the impact you leave behind when you are dead 100 years from now, or when you leave the company few years after it reaches profitability. It does not require exaggeration because that will devalue the ideas worthiness. Everything that we do has some impact big or small.  All we need to do is clearly show the impact.  Too often I see that this impact is blown out of proportion and as such it devalues the whole thing. Personally I would rather see a realistic view and then decide for myself that “The entrepreneur” is being humble and has a good heart. Otherwise I would feel that his/her EGO has taken over.

If you are unsure about what you need to create this impact, ask yourself the simple question

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why is this journey worth other than the others?
  • How will I be helping others when I achieve my objectives?
  • Who and how many will benefit from what I will be doing?
  • Why me and why now?

All the above are questions we have asked before throughout the past few sessions and all are relevant part of creating an impact.  Dig deep if this is your calling, your passion, you will be doing this with or without funding. With or without help from anyone else, because you believe in it and you know only good will come out of it. If you can leave the audience with the feeling that you are doing this with or without them, then you will invariably leave a few with the feeling that they want to join your cause.  That’s the type of feeling and emotion (IMPACT) you want to arouse in your audience.

That’s it.  No…   If that was it, then I would have left this story without a full IMPACT. I want to help you achieve your dreams. So not only will I offer you a free 30 minute call to help you improve your pitch and achieve your dreams, but I am going to give you one more tip. Yes, in the next blog I will cover some of the points that will improve your pitch even more and help you avoid some of the pitfalls we fall for when creating our pitchdecks as startup founders.