How do you choose the restaurant you go to? And what can that teach you about #serving and #leadership?

Is it because of the good customer service, the food, or both?

In both cases, there is an aspect that makes that place special, the service.  Whether it is the waiters or the kitchen staff or in most cases both.  It is the service that makes you feel welcomed, served and of course, the service of the kitchen staff that ensures you get a delicious meal.

Service is the keyword and it is nothing else than the act of “serving”.

For you to have a good time and enjoy yourself they have “served” you and were of “service” to you.  For this restaurant to be successful all staff had to work together to achieve this.

Toastmasters is a great example of a place where you start to “serve”.   No matter whether you are part of the committee or not, as a group you have to participate, you have to help, evaluate, take roles and help prepare the room plus many other acts.

John F Kennedy said: “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?”  If you are part of Toastmasters you have heard it in your club.  Ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club.   For the past few years, I have stood by my Achievers Toastmasters club.   As official and unofficial committee. It is not about a title but rather what you can do to support.

To lead is to serve. This year I have stood up once again to serve and be of service.  This year I have picked up the role as president to serve and to lead, to lead by setting an example, and to lead by setting the pace.  It is in these roles at Toastmaster that you can grow as an individual and it does not matter if you have done it before, it is about serving and using that experience, repeating and improving on your previous round.

This year I have stood up to serve. #toastmasters #toastmastersinternational #leadership #customerservice